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Sindie has been in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 20 years. The success she has experienced in this business has afforded her the financial means to give back, personally, to the community. Her heart has always guided her to pay it forward and make an impact, whether it be financially or with her time.  

About 5 years ago, she had the vision and idea to bring both business and philanthropy together. This is when Buy A Home-Save A Vet was born. She started with Veterans because she felt a strong calling to help prevent Veteran Suicide and raise money for treatment of PTSD/TBI.

Again, she was guided to do this from her heart and believed this is the way she was to do business going forward. Shortly after, she came across a book called Conscious Capitalism that captured her attention.  The book describes the culture and structure of Whole Foods and how  “For Purpose” business is an actual business model.  Her guidance and vision was now confirmed: this is a movement! From then on she has been pioneering it in the real estate industry.

She later created another program with the support and help of her business partner, Kaitlin Sten, called Buy A Home-Save A Child.  This program really hit home with Sindie because she was a runaway at the age of 17.  Through personal experience, she knows and understands that kids are vulnerable to their family situations, or lack there of.  

Sindie passionately believes in giving a hand up while inspiring, teaching and being unconditional LOVE.  She hopes to one day provide non-pharmaceutical healing and transformation for all that suffer from mental imbalance/illness because she too had her own mental instabilities that have been healed along the way.  

Being able to do the two things she loves, business and making a difference, all at once, is a dream come true.  

Thank you for joining us and being part of the impact!


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