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Working was Kaitlin was wonderful! She was in constant communication, friendly, professional, and just AMAZING at her job. She was able to answer all of my questions fast and efficiently. I absolutely loved working with her. I can’t wait to recommend her to family and friends!


Kaitlin was very patient with all of our questions and extremely knowledgeable in answering them. She was also very open about admitting what she didn’t know (or couldn’t know as the tax laws were shifting) but then always thoroughly researched the answers. She was also very flexible and available to help us as she helped us through the process of buying a home. I always felt like she was looking out for us and I’d gladly work with her again! 

Fulton & Wilson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kaitlin and her team. Kaitlin and team did a great job making this transaction a pleasant experience. Anytime we had something come up that I thought would be an issue, Kaitlin was always there to address all of our questions and concerns. We’ve used them on our last three transactions and not once have we ever had an issue we couldn’t resolve. Once again, thank you Kaitlin and team. Great Job!